Well New Years is over....next up....Valentines Day!!  Ah, a time for romance, chocolates, and single people complaining about this horrible holiday ❤  Good times.

     For all you lovelies out there who still like Valentines Day, I'm gonna show you how to make a very simple and super cute Sweet Heart Garland.

What you'll need:

-Construction paper in your choice of colors
-A stapler
First, cut your construction paper into about 1 inch strips.

Next, fold your first strip in half and staple near the crease.
Then pull the ends around to form a heart, and staple the bottom together.
Then take another strip of paper and fold it in half.  Slide the crease up to the bottom of the first heart and staple about 3/4 of an inch up.
Pull the ends of the second paper down to form a heart and staple near the ends.
Repeat these steps until you get the desired length of garland.
Once you are done, hang it up for a cute pop of color!  Simple and cute!  Hope you enjoy!